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Photos from Day 4 of our Alaska cruise can be viewed at this link: http://www.furrs.org/images/alaskacruise/day4/default.htm

We have lots of photos of stark Alaskan countryside and photos of us kayaking on a glacial-carved lake high up in British Columbia, but not so much in the way of cool videos. The only video we took was footage of the train ride up the Klondike Trail, which if you like that sort of thing might be considered kind of cool.

Still, please, enjoy and let us know if you know what the tree in this photo is -- we weren't sure but it seemed oddly familiar:


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Photos from Day 3 of our Alaska cruise can be viewed at this link: http://www.furrs.org/images/alaskacruise/day3/default.htm

This is the day with all the cool stuff on it. If you look at nothing else, look at the videos.

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Photos from Day 2 of our Alaska cruise can be viewed at this link: http://www.furrs.org/images/alaskacruise/day2/default.htm

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Photos from Day 1 of our Alaska cruise can be viewed at this link: http://www.furrs.org/images/alaskacruise/day1/default.htm

Some of them are just okay, but I recommend clicking on the fog photos and watching some of the videos. The fog really was impressive, for want of a better term. Like a giant wall of white waiting to suck us in.

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Carole and I are only just starting to put up photos and videos from our cruise to Alaska a month ago. Each day for the next nine days we'll add photos to the main site at this link: http://www.furrs.org/images/alaskacruise/default.htm

"Day Zero", the day before we embarked, is up at this link: http://www.furrs.org/images/alaskacruise/day0/default.htm

I know it's not actually all that exciting, looking at photos of someone else's vacation, but we're hoping that least our family members will look. :)

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I'm back from Alaska. Fun cruise. If anyone gives a damn I can post links to some pretty cool photos once I get some sleep and recover from last night's red-eye.

Anything happen in the last ten days? I mean, other than Virginia Tech getting beaten like a red-headed stepchild by LSU and Georgia losing to Visor Boy?

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Today's the day we board our cruise in Seattle and sail up to Alaska.

Our flight here from JFK on Wednesday were not good; a crying/shrieking toddler and an uneducated trailer-trash mother who thought it was *amusing* to keep teasing and prodding her baby made life a living hell for the five hours it took to get from JFK to Seattle. Fortunately, I found an empty seat several rows up in the plane and got Carole to move to it, so she didn't have it as bad as I did.

Thursday was fun. We walked all around the area downtown, visiting the Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, the waterfront, the Seattle Art Museum, etc., etc., and had lunch at the Seattle lunch institution, Salumi (http://www.salumicuredmeats.com). Tasty stuff.

Dinner last night was at the Space Needle, and I have to say, they've upgraded their menu since the last time I was there (on a business trip I decided 'what the heck' and ate there alone) five years ago. Carole and I had nothing but praise for our food. We got to the restaurant at 6:40 and consequently got to see the daytime view, the sunset view, and then the night view. Carole loved it.

We actually bought a digital copy of the photo that a Space Needle employee took of us. You can see it here: http://www.furrs.org/lj/spaceneedle.jpg

We have many other photos but we'll upload them after the trip. Ciao!
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Tomorrow we leave for Seattle to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary on a seven-night Alaska cruise. I won't say that the last ten years have been absolutely peaceful and blissful, but being married to someone who puts up with my asinine sense of humor sure beats ten years of television reruns and TV dinners every night. Thanks, Carole!


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