At Staples

Jun. 23rd, 2009 06:29 pm
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Carole took this of me at the Staples in Williston, VT the other day. I've already forgotten what the heck it is.

At Staples

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Go plant some trees, y'all.
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Bennington public art

The figure on the left is a statue of a man dropping a piece of disquieting garbage into a can on the street. The figure on the right is my wife, Carole. The city of Bennington, Vermont has put up a lot of public art of figures, men and women and kids, engaged in ordinary pursuits. Some of them are more realistic than others. You can read more about 'em here.

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Lunch stop

Day 3's lunch stop was held at the Frank R. Jelleff branch of the Boys and Girls club of Greater Washington.

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Still in Arlington, heading for the Key Bridge into DC.
Pit Stop 2 -- Long Branch Elementary School

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Three miles left on Day 2
Very tired and footsore

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Four miles along on day

Just outside the grounds of DC's old Lorton Prison, where they sent all their hardcore offenders. The prison's closed now but not yet redeveloped and turned into anything.
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It's been about five weeks since Carole shaved me down. Here's what I currently look like.

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Seen on training walk on Lake Erie lakeshore, Erie, Pennsylvania.
Presque Isle Lighthouse

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Carole lounges in the lobby of the Mountain Lake Hotel on Wednesday evening.



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