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We survived the Plunge. No big news, there. This was my seventh and Carole's third. It's always fun, but no longer quite the frightening experience it was the first time.

We didn't put together any sort of exotic costumes for the event, which put us in the minority. Most teams are now either wearing custom t-shirts OR strange costumes. When we started taking part years ago the folks-in-costumes and so on were outnumbered by the regular folks.

Last year, with our jester's hats and Key West Conch Republic flag, we definitely stood out. This year I just didn't have a flash of insight. So hey.

I'm only really mentioning this aspect because we actually got comments from some of the other participants saying "hey, nice costumes" when all we had on was our swim trunks and, in Carole's case, a tank top. Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, folks.

I guess next year Team Otter and Lemur had better get organized a bit better if we're going to keep up with the Joneses.

We had a little waterproof disposable camera with us in the event and took some photos which you can see at http://www.furrs.org/images/plunge2008/default.htm. More and better photos will be available in a few days or weeks at http://www.skipix.com.

Between the two of us we raised $850 for Special Olympics. I thank everyone who helped out with their donations. The Special Olympians who were present at the event, speaking beforehand and helping out and even taking part made it very obvious that they really benefit from the programs the organization sponsors. So thank y'all for helping make it possible.

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Carole's now at $350!!!

Apparently there's still time to donate to the Penguin Plunge. I thought yesterday was the deadline but it turns out you can keep on donating today until 6 pm or so Eastern time.

Even $5 or $10 helps. The URL to donate is:


If you already donated, many thanks!

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We're now at $800 between us. Carole raised $300, I raised $500.


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The Penguin Plunge is tomorrow, and thank God for the weather! We got something like a foot to eighteen inches of snow on Wednesday evening and Thursday and that's going to make the event much more fun. Running over bare grass to the lake isn't nearly as exciting as wandering around in foot-and-a-half deep snow, shoveled paths and heated tents or not.

I was only able to raise $450 this year, down from last year's much higher total. A lot of the folks who donated in previous years simply never responded to invitations to donate, darn their hides. :) I suspect that after the fifth and sixth years the enthusiasm to keep on donating on behalf of the same person for the same silly event gets a bit less. Carole raised $185 on her own, so between us we're at $625. I'll be chipping in more on my own, but still, a two-person total of $625 isn't bad. It puts us in the upper third of the teams participating, many of which are made up of a lot more than two people.

The analyze-everything part of my mind is curious if the organizers are seeing total receipts fall off as the event becomes a bit more old hat. Participation really took off a couple years after I started taking part, but I wonder if there's going to come a point where people get tired of the whole thing and stop being as free with their donations.

I'm looking forward to it anyway. I just wish I could take part and watch the thing. I thought about taking my digital camera in the drink with me, in its waterproof housing, but I don't think pictures taken through a frozen film of ice would be all that exciting.

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From the Pathetic Scrounging department:

The deadline to donate to this year's Penguin Plunge for Vermont Special Olympics is Thursday.

The link to donate is http://www.firstgiving.com/jayfurr (or http://www.firstgiving.com/carolefurr if you want to donate toward my wife's total).

I have absolutely no idea what lame-ass thing we'll be doing this year in hopes of grabbing extra camera time during the event, but in any case, once the official event photos go up on the Net I'll post a link.

Thank you, regardless of whether you're able to donate, for all y'all do to help with good causes in your various communities.

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The Penguin Plunge is in a week and a couple of days. Carole hasn't yet raised the minimum to take part, although she's started rattling the branches at her employer.

If anyone would be interested in donating on her behalf, the link to donate is:


Thank you in advance if you're able to help out by contributing. All funds donated go, as always, directly to the Vermont Special Olympics.


Jan. 13th, 2008 10:44 pm
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Carole and I are doing the Penguin Plunge on February 9 here in Vermont -- although, to our disgust, the recent massive thaw has seen the lake warm back to mid-December levels (http://tinyurl.com/3bnaso). The event raises money for the Special Olympics and, needless to say, it's the most fun one can have in front of thousands of disbelieving spectators all year.

Carole realized she'd better get cracking on raising pledges and she had me snap some pictures showing off her new blonde highlights in hopes folks would go "YES I MUST DONATE TO THAT HONEY OF A WOMAN RIGHT NOW" or something along those lines. Just for fun, she had a friend pose with her in the photos.

Take a look:



If you're willing to donate, you can do so here:


... or http://www.firstgiving.com/jayfurr if you're unwilling to be suckered in by a 5'9" bottle blonde with a Harvard degree and nice blue eyes.

Have a nice night, y'all.

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Happy New Year, everyone!

I've know I've been quiet over the last month journal-wise. I was on the road, busy, but said "Once Christmas gets here I'll have a week off and can bring my journal up to date."

Uh huh.

Here it is New Year's Day and tomorrow I've got to go back to work, sans livejournal updates.

I'll try to post something sometime, but frankly, I suspect y'all will get along okay even if I don't.

But in the meantime, I thought you might find the video I made today amusing. It's about the Penguin Plunge and I hope that after viewing it you might be interested in pledging on my behalf to Special Olympics Vermont. If you'd like to pledge, visit http://www.firstgiving.com/jayfurr.

Happy New Year, again! May everyone have a happy 2008!

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... is when I get to throw myself into a frozen lake. Ah, masochism! Almost as good as being a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater football fan at this time of the year!

Anyway, the big Special Olympics Penguin Plunge is coming up. Well, in two months, but as soon as the snow falls in Vermont I begin rhapsodizing about the cold, cold touch of water and the possibility that this year, maybe THIS YEAR, my heart will just stop as I plunge into the drink and I'll bob around like a cork causing endless merriment for the onlookers.

All donations on my behalf go to support the Special Olympics. It's a good cause. Anything that lets me behave in such a stupid fashion in front of thousands of people HAS to be a good cause.

Please help. The online giving page is at this URL:


Carole's online giving page, if you'd rather support her, is at this URL:


Feel free to pass these links on to anyone else you think might be interested in supporting teh cause!

God bless you every one!


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